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You can generate labels and trace your parcels with Track & Trace, when logging into YourGLS.

You can find the icon YourGLS at the top right corner on GLS’ homepage.
Enter your username and password to log in.
Did you forget your password? Click "Forgot password?" and fill in your informations. If you get "Unknown username or wrong e-mail address", we might not have the right email adress in the system. Contact the IT-Support by mail or call and we will help you.

Adress book

You can store your customers in the address book. The address book makes it easier for you, if you are sending parcels to the same customers. Read more about the possibilities in the address book here.

You can store your customers in the recipient index, when you set up your customer for the first time. Put a tick in ”Save consignee information in address book”.

You can also set up your customers in ”Address book” (Under ”Administration”) by clicking “Add”.

You can edit a saved address by going to ”Address book”. The address will not be edited by making a label to the new address and marking “SSave consignee information in address book”.

In order to upload your customers to YourGLS, the file must have a specific format, which you can find information on here.
You can search for the customer under ”Administration” and ”Address book”. Click on edit. When you have typed in the changes, click on save.
If you search for the customer under ”Send Parcel”, and change the address, the changes will not be saved.
You can search for the customer under ”Address book” (under ”Administration”) and mark the customer on the left side. Click on “Delete” at the bottom, to delete the customer.
If you press on ”Delete all”, all contacts will be deleted – These can't be recovered.

Create labels

Read more about how to create a label, which services we offer you and how to create a return label here.

When logged into YourGLS, you must click on “Send parcels”.

Fill in the customer’s information on the first page. If the parcel is going to be sent to a GLS ParcelShop, you still have to type in the customer’s home address.

Click on ”Continue” and choose which service you want to use. If you are sending a business parcel, do not choose anything – it is marked in advance.

If you are sending a parcel to a private recipient, put a tick in “PrivateDeliveryService”. Put a tick in “ShopDeliveryService”, if you are sending a parcel to a GLS ParcelShop.

Fill in the weight and click on “Finish” – The label will be shown on screen, where you can choose to download it is a PDF or print it.

You can find a brief description of our services in this overview:

  • BusinessParcel: When you are sending parcels to a company.
  • PrivateDeliveryService:When you are sending a parcel to a private address.
  • ShopDeliveryService: When you are sending a parcel delivered directly to a GLS ParcelShop. Once your recipient collects the parcel, they will receive a notification from GLS.
  • AddOnLiabilityService: Hvis du har behov for en højere ansvarsgrænse for din pakke, hvis uheldet skulle være ude.
  • DepositService: If GLS can deliver the parcel without a signature from your recipient. This can only be combined with business parcels (BusinessParcel).
  • Express: If you need your parcels delivered before 10 or 12.
  • ShopReturn: When your private recipients needs to return a parcel to you. Your customer deliver the parcel in a GLS ParcelShop of his or her own choice.
  • Pick&Ship: When you need a parcel picked up at one address and delivered to another address.
  • Pick&Return: When you need to have a parcel returned to your address.

When your label is ready, a label will appear on your screen.

You can click on the print icon and choose the relevant printer.

You can also right click on the PDF and choose “Print”. A window will appear and you can choose the relevant printer.

If you have to forward the label, click on “Download” and the PDF downloads to your computer. You can print the label by opening the PDF and clicking on “Print” or right click and choose “Print”.

You can >only re-print a label, if you have not visited “End of day”

To re-print a label, you have to go to “Parcel management” (under “Processing”). Click on search, choose your label and click on “Reprint parcel label(s)”.

The first label you printed will be canceled. If you cannot re-print your label, you must generate a new one.

GLS charges for freight at the first scan, so you can throw out the wrong label without worries – remember to cross it of your receipt list, so the numbers fit. You are also welcome to call GLS IT Support to get the old label deleted.

You can only delete a label, if you have not visited the page “End of day”.

To delete a label, you must visit "Parcel management" (under “Processing”). You can search for labels, mark the parcels which has to be deleted, and click on “Delete parcel(s)”.

You cannot delete Pick&Ship and Pick&Return yourself. Please call 76 33 12 35 or send an email to GLS IT Support.

You can generate and print multiple labels at once to the same recipient. You cannot print multiple labels at once to different recipients.

You can choose an increased liability service as an add-on service under “Send labels”.

You must fill in the fields as usual. When you have clicked on “Continue”, you must put a tick on “AddOnLiabilityService” on page 2, and fill in the value in the field “AddOnInsurance value (DKK)”. You cannot see that it has additional insurance on your label. This is for security reasons.

In YourGLS , you can choose “ShopReturn” (under “Processing”) or “ShopReturn” on the front page.

Fill out the customer’s information under Consignor information of return parcels” and press “Finish”. You can now choose how your label will sent to the customer.

Your customer can hand in the parcel to a GLS ParcelShop of their choice.

To send a parcel to a ParcelShop, you must use the service ”ShopDeliveryService”.

Type your customers information (as well as your customers home address) under ”Send parcel” and click on “Continue”. Choose ”ShopDeliveryService” on the next page and choose which GLS ParcelShop you want delivery to.

Fill in your customer’s information under “Send parcel”. Click on “Continue” and go to page 2. Choose “ExpressParcel” and pick either 10:00Service or 12:00Service – Depending on whether you want the parcel delivered before 10:00 or 12:00.


Pick & Ship and Pick & Return are some of the services we offer you. You can read more about them here.

A Pick&ShipService sends our driver to a given address to pick up the parcel, so GLS can deliver it to a different address than yours.

The service can't be used, if you only want to order regular pickup of your parcels.

If you generate a Pick&ShipService, which you do not need after all, remember to get it annulled and avoid paying for an unsuccessful trip. Call IT Support on 76 33 12 35 or send an email.

A Pick&ReturnService sends our driver to a given address to pick up the parcel, so GLS can return it to you.

If you generate a Pick&ReturnService, which you do not need after all, remember to get it annulled and avoid paying for an unsuccessful trip. Call IT Support on 76 33 12 35 or send an email.

Your parcel will return to you via Pick&Return in contrast to Pick&Ship where the parcel will be delivered to a different address than yours.
You do not need to print a label when you generate a Pick&Ship- or Pick&ReturnService.You get a receipt with a parcel number, and our driver brings the label when picking up the parcel. Please pass this information forward to the pickup point.


Find information about how to order a pick up and how to make an end of day list to the driver here.

You can order our driver to pick up parcels at

If you need a parcel to be picked up at your customers address, you have to log in to YourGLS and generate a Pick&Return- or Pick&ShipService.

You can choose whether you want a detailed list or just a receipt under ”End of day” (under ”Processing) – You can choose if you want a list of all parcels for the day or since the last print out. Click on ”Download report” and your report will be ready for print. You cannot download a report in YourGLS, if you use Consigor, Shimpondo or InterLine.